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What's new in this version:

  • SMART 453: PIN code reading by OBDII from Navigation system.
  • SMART 453: Tachometer scale enable/disable.
  • Fixed working with older W203 EZS.
  • SCN Coding in SMART 451 ME.

Older versions:

  • Added function for Video in motion enable/disable in W205/W222 models.
  • Added some new versions of CDI units.
  • Fixed readig/writing EEPROM and mileage calibration on older W169 dashboards.
  • Added support for EDC15C6 renew by OBDII. Read/Write full eeprom.
  • Removed tokens for fast keys from EZS dump calculation.

  • Added support for W203/W209 instrument clusters by OBDII and direct CAN connection. Read/Write full eeprom.
  • Added support for W639 instrument clusters by OBDII and direct CAN connection. Read/Write full eeprom.

  • Display/Change PIN and counter of W451 NAVI control units by EEPROM dump.
  • Personalize for W203 old EZS type.
  • Renew W451 Smart ForTwo Gasoline engine control units (with turbo and without turbo) by 95080 EEPROM dump.
  • Added new control units in SMART 453.
  • Added virgin AMG dashboard eeprom dumps for W221 S-Class (63 and 65).
  • Added clear crash by dump in SRS CONTINENTAL in W204/W207 models.

  • Clear crash by dump in SRS Airbag from W204/W207 cars.
  • Generation of keys by WSP dump for W168 A-Class.
  • Added new versions of W205/W222 dashboards.
  • BSI SMART ForFour (ETACS Mitsubishi COLT) reset mileage to 0 km by dump.
  • Bug fixes: W230 EZS; DAS-3 Keys Generation.

  • Added support for W221/W216 EZS (read hashes, identification and generate key dumps if password is known).
  • Added option to change mileage by OBDII for W164/W251/X164 EZS (only some versions).
  • Fast generation of key dumps from EZS dump.
  • SMART 454 Key Learning.

  • Update mileage in Mercedes W164, W251 EZS.
  • Procedure of using MVIP WSCTOOLS and MBKey to generate key dumps by diagnostic:
    1. Read EZS password by using MBKey
    2. Read key hashes and SSID with wsctools
    3. Generate working key dumps

    The procedure works for W203, W209, W220, W215, W639, W211, W219
  • Added option to renew MEG from SMART W450 by flash and eeprom dumps, SCN coding of MEG.
  • Smart_450-452 Steering angle sensor - ESP renew by dump HC08 MCU 2L52H-3K85D-4L52H

  • Added option to adapt 722.8 CVT units in other W169/W245 vehicles.
  • Smart 451 KLA ( AC unit) renew by OBDII, or by EEPROM dump.
  • Smart 451 ESP Renew by OBDII, or by EEPROM dump. SCN coding.
  • Improved GUI.
  • Added auto-update function.

  • Lots of functions working by dump for SMART 451 SAM module: erase keys, show keys info, renew, update id.
  • Improved hardware, old customers will receive the updated hardware free of charge (only need to pay for the shipping).
  • SCN coding of SRS 451.
  • Improved renew of Engine Control Units.
  • Change mileage, read/write full EEPROM of SMART ForFour W454.

  • Added mileage correction for X156 GLA.
  • Added Read/Write Flash of EDC-16 in SMART 451 (checksum calculated in writing).

  • Added odometer correction for A-Class W168, Vaneo W414.
  • Added diagnostic functions for W203 EZS - reading, activating.
  • Added generation of master keys (self-learning transponers) for C, E and G Class (1995-1997).
  • Added mileage reset in EURO 5 CDI (EDC-16) in SMART 451.
  • Added clear crash data by dump.

  • Added calculation of encrypted ESL Password (W204).
  • Added diagnostic functions for Motorola EZS with 2 processors - read EEPROM of EZS MCU1 and MCU2, read EEPROM of ESL MCU1 and MCU2, Renew EZS, Personalize...
  • Added activation of EZS W204, W212, W166, W164, W169, W202, W208, W210...
  • Added function to reset NAVI system password to "0000" for SMART 451.
  • Added Radio code calculator by Serial number for 4 and 6 button radios.